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If you're new to wearing and ordering a hat or are unsure of what style you're looking for  
there are a few helpful guidelines to consider in your decision making process.
Face Shape and Body Type
  • Oval:  A fairly balanced head shape that can work with many hat
    styles.  Find hats that create width rather than length such as
    floppy hats with wide brims and hats that cut across the forehead.

  • Square:  The goal is to soften the angles in your face and to make
    your face look rounder so choose circular hats with round brims like
    cloches or go for slouchy berets and beanies.   Fedoras and other
    hats with angles may not be a good choice for you.

  • Round:  Find hats that balance out the roundness in your features
    such as shallow crowns, fedoras or other angular hats and long
    sock hats.  Hats should be worn high on the hairline or further back
    on the crown.

  • Heart:  The goal is to add width to the jawline and downplay your
    wide forehead.  Try fedoras and other hats with angles, short brims
    and caps.  Berets, deep crowns and hats that cut across the
    forehead may not be a good choice.

  • Oblong:  As with ovals find hats that create width rather than
    length such as hats with wide brims, floppy hats with deep crowns,
    slouchy berets and hats that sit down on the head and across the
Heads...and people...come in all shapes and sizes and certain hats will complement these
features better than others.  Though I firmly believe you should wear what you like it's helpful
to have a starting point when selecting your hat so consider the shape of your face first and
search for styles that balance out these features then adjust the size, height, tilt of and trim on
your hat to complement your body type (such as tall, short, petite, large).
Measuring Your Head Size
For hats with crowns that fit down on your head and across your forehead start with a
measuring tape at the center of your forehead above your eyebrows where the hat
would sit and measure around your head to meet the tape in front. This will measure
the widest part of your head and determine your head size.  The tape should not be
loose but not too snug should be a comfortable fit as you would want your hat
to fit on your head.  For smaller hats like fascinators or headbands the head size might
not be as necessary or I may ask for a different measurement depending on the
style of the hat.