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fat cat hats and sacks portfolio
I am inspired to create designs that are beautiful because they are simple, elegant and
made with a conscience about where my materials come from and how they were
obtained.  My hats are not BIG, they are not overly done and they are not mass
produced.  I meticulously handcraft each hat in my studio.  I choose materials and
techniques that are humane and that lessen my impact on precious resources and I like
to reuse and recycle.  "Scraps" left over from one hat are used to create other beautiful
designs.  I use many vintage hat blocks to shape my hats but I also have a collection of
oddball knick knacks and found objects that I use as hat blocks that give my work a
unique and one of a kind look.  You can contact me to discuss a custom design made
just for you or check out my Etsy shop for creations currently available or made to order.
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