Welcome to Fat Cat Hats and Sacks!
Here you'll find my one of a kind and limited edition hats and handbags for day, evening, bridal or just dressing up!  I
have been designing hats and other accessories for about 20 years and was originally inspired by my love for vintage
clothing.  I particularly was infatuated with hats...little wearable sculptures...and I set out to learn traditional millinery
techniques.  There were no millinery programs where I was living so I bought some books and taught myself.  My
work just naturally took on a fancy style and I started designing custom pieces for the clients at several bridal salons.  
I soon added purses to my repertoire and called my business "Fat Cat Hats and Sacks".

I moved from California to Portland, Oregon about 19 years ago and was thrilled to find a very talented and formally
trained milliner, Dayna Pinkham, who I could intern with.  She not only shared her knowledge of traditional hat making
but also introduced me to a network of passionate milliners and designers just like me!   I also found the opportunity
to design handbags for the evening wear and bridal lines of a company called  "Jophiel Design" and hats and purses
for a custom clothing design studio called "Stitch".  Since then my work has sold under my own label in stores in
California, Portland and Seattle and internationally through my Etsy Shop.  My designs have been featured in several
publications such as "Haute Handbags", been part of several shows and events such as "Hat's Off" and "Power of the
Purse", and I have made numerous pieces for my custom clientele.  I would love to create one just for you!  Check out  
My Portfolio or Shop Now
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